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Snorkeling in Utila is a great way to see the reefs!

Though well known as a SCUBA dive destination, Utila also has fantastic snorkeling right from shore or via boat!

Utila is consistently rated high as a snorkel destination- calm waters, great reefs, easy access.  A recent article by rated Utila as one of the top 10 snorkel destinations in the world! (But we already knew that!~)

For Boat Snorkeling in Utila: 

Most dive shops will welcome you on their dive boat, but best to arrange in advance to set up for a more shallow site suitable for snorkeling.  

For Shore Snorkeling in Utila: 

One of the great things about Utila is that you can experience great snorkeling right from shore.  Lots of of great spots exist-  for starters, grab your mask, fins, and snorkel, and head down to our favorites:

  • Blue Bayou:  in front of Coral View Resort. They have a great double story dock, and will charge a minimal ($2usd) dock fee to use their dock for the excellent snorkeling less than 30 yards from their ladder.  If you buy food or drinks, the incredibly sweet Ms. Tania will normally waive the dock fee. Coral View is in Blue Bayou, which is about 1/2 mile past the public beach Chepes.  You can also go just a little bit further to the Blue Bayou Dock Complex. Its all pretty fabulous down there.
  • Off ‘Old Airport’, by Sandstone Apartment: Nice walk off, though you’ll want to go behind the building, as it can be a bit “urchin-y” directly out front.  You’ll see dive buoys, which actually go along the whole stretch of the “old airport”.
  • South Shore:  Most folks won’t see much of South Shore, as its boat access only, but for the few visitors who rent houses on this side (or stay at one of the all inclusive resorts, Laguna Beach, Deep Blue, or Utopia) will have fantastic options for snorkeling right out their front door.  Literally lined with dive sites, the entire South shore has a fabulous wall running along its entire front.

Guided Marine Naturalist Snorkeling and Kayaking trips: 

New this year, we have guided marine naturalist snorkel trips available either for the day or multi-day excursions!  Offered through KayakUtila and their partners, these trips are a great way to learn about the coral reef and explore the underwater enviroment.