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Enjoying Chepes Beach Utila

Enjoying Chepes Beach, Utila

Enjoying Chepes Beach in Utila. Photo by Utila Guide
Enjoying Chepes Beach in Utila. Photo by Utila Guide

Well known for scuba diving, Utila also has great beaches to enjoy as well!

 For some reason, some of the guidebooks and travel books say that Utila has no beaches- well thats just crazy! We have a fantastic picture perfect public beach (Chepes- see right and below), a great semi-private beach that you can assess for a small $3 usd charge (Bandu Beach).   Also, by water, easily accessible via kayak, stand up paddleboard, or water taxi, there is the fabulous Water Caye, and of course an entire coastline along the South, West, and North Shore dotted with awesome sandy beaches. At the North Shore (Rock Harbor) and West (Don Quickset), you will likely have the beach entirely to yourself! 

Whether you are looking to just lounge or be active, come check out Utila’s beaches! With our calm turquoise blue waters, nice sand, and uncrowded scene, it will be a great day~

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