Maps of Utila

Below are a variety of maps to help orient you to Utila and the Utila Cays.  Located in the Western Caribbean sea, off the North coast of Honduras, Utila is on the Atlantic side (Eastern side) of Central America.  We are just to the Northwest of the port town of La Ceiba and Southwest of the island of Roatan.  Scroll through our Utila maps below, starting with Honduras in general and moving down to maps of Utila specifically:


Map of Honduras, from

Map of Honduras, from ( a great resource!). The Bay Islands are the yellow right above La Ceiba on the top of map.



Map of Coast of Honduras with Utila

Map of Coast of Honduras with Utila and the Bay Islands


Map of Utila from Lonely Planet

Map of Utila from The "Utila Cays" are on the Southwest portion, just to the SW of Diamond Cay. Here you'll find Pidgeon Cay, Suc-Suc Cay, Little Cay and Sandy Cay


Google map of Utila

UtilaSatellite image

Click on map for interactive satellite imagery of Utila and the Utila Cays!



Interactive Google Map of Utila Dive Sites By Deep Blue Resort

Interactive Google Map of Utila Dive Sites By Deep Blue Resort

 The above is an excellent interactive map of Utila Dive Sites by Deep Blue Resort.  You may need to download Google Earth first, if you don’t yet have it on your computer.  Once you have Google Earth, you can then explore all parts of Utila!  There are full instructions once you click on the image above. 


Map of Utila from Bay Islands Voice

Map of Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja from Bay Islands Voice

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