Rent a private island! Little Cay, Utila, Honduras.  Photo by www.LittleCayUtila.comRent A Private Island!

~Sandy Cay & Little Cay, Utila, Honduras~

Sandy Cay and Little Cay, are two small private islands located off the island of Utila Honduras.  Both island are available for rent and offer a true island experience, and at incredibly affordable rates!

Each small cay has one house- and they make a truly ideal getaway for a few nights for friends and family.

Days are spent swimming in the shallow waters off the island, snorkeling on the surrounding coral reef which you can access via the sandy beach,  lounging about on the nice sandy beaches,  or bringing some kayaks and stand up paddlboards out and exploring the calm turquoise waters. Whats more, these islands are  available for rental at very affordable prices (starting from $130 usd per night (NOT per person) for the entire island!).

Both Cays get booked up in advance, so plan well ahead of when you want to go.

Utila Guide Tip: The managers, George and Barry Jackson, and Ericka who will be handling your reservation are very low-key and easy going. These are good people. Don’t expect to be pampered with white glove treatmenat during your stay, but if something goes wrong, they will be available to help with anything for sure and are really nice guys. They can also help you arrange fish dinners, cleaners, day trips on the water, etc.


Sandy Cay~

As of January 1, 2012, Sandy Cay is $130 usd per night up to 6 people, then $10 usd additional per person.

There are 2 bedrooms at Sandy Cay, each with 2 beds. Two couples are perfect because each couple has their own bedroom, but you certainly can accomadate up to 8 in the bedrooms (with kids sharing a bed), and they have some extra matresses and will allow up to 14 people.

Photos of Sandy Cay, Utila:

Sandy Cay from outside-

 For Contacts and What to Bring, See the Bottom of this Page.


Little Cay~

As of January 2012, Little Cay will be  $145 usd per night (total- for the whole island, NOT per person) for up to 6 people, then $15 usd additional per person up to 12 people.

There are 3 bedrooms in the main house, with an additional bedroom in the separate cabin, making 4 bedrooms total.

Bedding: Separate unit: 2 queen beds; Downstairs bedroom: 1 queen and 1 single, Upstairs Bedroom #1: 2 queens and 1 double, Upstairs Bedroom #2: 2 Queeens.  Unit can sleep up to 16 people in beds.  Also works great for 4 couples, so each couple gets their own room.

Photos of Little Cay, Utila (All photos property of

Approaching little Cay by
Approaching Little Cay
Little Cay ride unloading
Unloading for the weekend
Little Cay Exterior

Little Cay House comfortable spots relax in the house4 simple bedrooms at the house

the island kitty- bring some extra cat food!
the house kitty- bring some extra cat food!
Little Cay Snorkel
Snorkeling right out the front door!
Exterior of Little Cay house

Exterior of Little Cay house

Plenty of sitting room inside Little Cay too!

Plenty of sitting room inside Little Cay too!


bedrooms at little cay

4 simple, comfortable bedrooms

Full kitchen little cay
Full kitchen
Private sunset viewing Little Cay
Private sunset viewing
amazing waters right out front!

Perfect beach for lounging around


Great snorkeling!
Great snorkeling!


Logisitics and Reservations for both Sandy Cay and Little Cay:

Both Sandy Cay and Little Cay are managed by Barry and Erica Jackson (English speaking), who live on Pigeon Key, which is a small island off of Utila (which is a small island off of Honduras!).  Everyone knows them there.

Email: or Telephone: 011- (504)2- 408-3100.  Its not uncommon for a few days to pass after you email them to hear back. These are super nice islanders and not always on their twitter/facebook/email, but rather out fishing or enjoying island life, so be patient, but its okay to check back in a few days if you haven’t heard from them.

They also have a new website at

Getting There:
To get to either Sandy Cay and Little Cay, you can arrange a boat ride with Barry Jackson, the manager of the Cays, for  an additional fee (800 lps- $42 usd one way for the boat), or any of the boat captains mentioned on our Utila Cays page. Sandy Cay is about 15-20 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 45 minutes from Utila, and Little Cay is about 10 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 30 minutes from Utila.


The Jacksons accept payment by Moneygram. Don’t be scared- Its legit. Details can be found on their website at

Both Sandy Cay and Little Cay have electric supplied by solar, so electricity is there, but it is limited.  There is also a generator at night  at each island, and the caretaker will show you how to use before they leave you on your private paradise.  There is running water, but this is limited as well, so please conserve. There are fans, but no air conditioning.   Please show your respect for the islands and the Jacksons, and clean up your mess when you leave~


Don’t expect high-end glam.  These are low key, “real” houses on “real” islands. No wi-fi as far as we know, but you can get local cell phone coverage.  No television or air-conditioning.  Lots of sunsets to watch.  The Jacksons are great folks and available by VHF radio for anything you need once at the house.   We suggest you either send them a shopping list or plan to shop before heading over- they have stoves, etc.  The Utila Cays (Pidgeon and Suc Suc) are very nearby and where the Jacksons live, so they can pick you up for a small fee for re=supply of foods etc.

How About A Multi-Sport or Kayak / Stand Up Paddleboard / Yoga Retreat at Little Cay or Sandy Cay?

Paddle Utila and Kayak Utila offer reasonably priced kayak / stand up paddleboard/ yoga packages for your stay at either Cay.  Thier guide Andi leads weeklong kayak trips in Belize as well, and is an American Canoe Association (ACA) certified instructor as well as Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.  She offers 1 to 5 day trips and you can contact her at