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Click Here to see actual path of Tropical Storm MatthewTropical Storm Matthew has passed Utila!

Though all on Utila were on full alert for Tropical Storm Matthew (originally Invest 95L), the storm passed a bit lower than its forecasted trajectory, meaning less winds and rains for the island.

Plenty of warning was available since this storm started out as a disturbance, Invest 95L, so all islanders, expats, tourists and others could make appropriate preparations if they chose to do so.  (Many folks stocked up on supplies for their families and pets, many boat owners brought their boats into the back lagoon or ensured extra lines were tied out, and some homeowners boarded their windows.)

Luckily, the winds from Tropical Storm Matthew were much less than anticipated (estimated in the 35-45 miles per hour (mph) range as opposed to the anticipated gusts of 70mph plus).  There was however some strong wave action, resulting in damage to some older or more exposed docks, in some cases the damage was major.   There was also a lot of debris that washed up on the shorelines, so there will be some extra cleanup by property owners and the municipal this week.  All in all, the community of Utila fared excellent.

There is still an area of low pressure that has a small potential (10%)  to develop-  though it will likely be minimal if any impact other than rains this week on Utila. Click on the image to right for more information or go to

Due to its location, Utila is considered largely to be “out of the hurricane path”, and indeed that is a key factor in many of us choosing to live here.    That said, we still strongly advise all to stay aware and up to date especially during the storm season Sept-Dec.

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*On a personal note, Tropical Storm Matthew allowed Utila Guide webmaster to catch 2 days of small wave surfing on Utila!

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