Dec 12

Utila Princess Ferry; Ferry Between La Ceiba and Utila

Utila Princess Ferry Information to and from Utila:

Utila Princess leaves 2 times a day from both La Ceiba and Utila

Its quite easy to get to Utila from the mainland town of La Ceiba via the  Utila Princess Ferry. The Utila Princess is the only larger passenger ferry servicing Utila at this time, the route is Utila to La Ceiba and return. The cost is just over 400 lempiras, which is about $21 usd each way, and takes about 1 hour to travel the 18 miles by sea.   


Depart Utila for La Ceiba:
6:20 am
2:00 pm

Depart La Ceiba for Utila:
9:30 am
4:00 pm

Reservations are not taken or necessary (unless you have a very large group)

UtilaGuide.Com Tip: The ferry is extremely punctual- it really does leave on time!   Also, if its a busy holiday time like  

For More Information on the Utila Princess Ferry, see our Utila Princess Ferry Page .

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