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Local Carriers to Utila from Within Honduras:

As of now (December 2011), there are 2 local commercial carrier, SOSA Airlines, and CM Airlines that fly to Utila.  You may find references to Atlantic Airlines, but they stopped flying to Utila over a year or two ago, so that information would be outdated.

Arriving to Utila:
Okay, listen up.  Commercial flights arrive to Utila ONLY on Mondays (2:30pm), Wednesdays (2:30pm), Fridays (2:30pm), and Saturdays (2:30pm and 3pm).  Its best to schedule your international arrival to San Pedro Sula by 1pm if you can.

Utila Guide Tip: When you get off the plane in SAP or LCE from your int’l arrival, you’ll need to clear customs. Then you go to the Right and get your luggage.  All luggage then gets put through a scanner on your way out.  Once you leave the airport area, go to your right, where are all the domestic counters are.  If you are travelling with elderly or kids or just think you may need a little help, you can ask your Utila travel agent to arrange for someone to meet you outside customs and walk you to the domestic counters.

Departing from Utila:
Time to pay attention again.  Commercial flights leave Utila ONLY on Tuesdays (6:20am), Thursdays (6:20am), and Saturdays (6:20am and 8:40am).



Though CM airlines just started service in March 2011, they are quickly becoming a favorite due to friendliness of service and efficiency.  Right now they just have one flight in and out of Utila, but we are hoping for more!

Arrival to Utila: From San Pedro Sula to Utila direct on Saturdays at 3pm, arriving 3:35pm

Departing from Utila: Saturday’s from Utila  to San Pedro Sula at 8:40am to arrive at 9:15am. 

Cost:  $220.00 usd round trip, per person.

Note: This schedule connects with arrivals and departures for AA-Continental and Delta Airlines which fly in and out of San Pedro Sula.  The Let-aircraft is operated in this route, has a capacity of 19 passengers and 1100 pounds of luggage.  Charter flights are also available from Tegucigalpa-San Pedro Sula, Roatan and Utila.

Contacts for CM Airlines:  Website is but bookings are being handled through Alice of Worldwide Travel Agency Email: or cellular: 9-891-1960.



Sosa Airlines is the main commercial carrier between the mainland of Honduras and Utila, with regularly scheduled flights from San Pedro Sula (SAP) and La Ceiba (LCE) as follows:

Arrival to Utila:  SAP or LCE to Utila, flight #065 from SAP, #044 from LCE       
Mon/Wed/Fridays- departs San Pedro Sula at 2:30pm, if there are passengers in LCE, will stop and depart there about 3:30pm. Arrives to Utila between 3:45pm and 4:15pm.
Saturdays – departs San Pedro Sula at 2:30pm arrives in Utila at 3pm. Its not supposed to stop in La Ceiba, but hey, its Honduras, and sometimes it does.

Prices for SAP to Utila: are about $120 usd one way; $225 usd round trip. Prices for LCE to Utila: are $55 usd one way; $102usd round trip 

Utila Guide TIP: Sosa airlines started  charging for luggage over 50 lbs, or a 2nd piece- with a minimum for 2nd piece of about $40usd.

Utila Guide Tip Dec 2011:  In the last few months,  SOSA has been doing some funky things with their flights, like flying people from SAP to LCE, then bringing people to ferry dock and having them take the Utila Princess here. Sure it still gets them to Utila, but its not exactly the SAP to Utila flight they booked.  So just be aware that your SAP to Utila Flight may mean a ferry ride inbetween. For that reason, more and more people are booking with CM airlines above.

Departing Utila: Utila to LCE, flight #041 continuing on to SAP.
Tues/Thurs/Sat – departs Utila at 6:20am. arrives in La Ceiba at 6:30am and in San Pedro Sula at 8:25am.
Contacts for SOSA Airlines / Aerolineas SOSA:

We highly suggest using one of the local travel agents to book your Sosa flight, but if you are determined to go at it on your own: Web:; Email:; Telephone:  La Ceiba Oficina: 443-1399(pbx), 443-2519,443-2078,  La Ceiba Aeropuerto: 442-1512, 442-1763,  239; San Pedro Sula Oficina: 550-6545 y 550-6548, SPS Aeropuerto: 668-3128 y 668-3223;


Connecting Between San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba:
Can be done via SOSA Airlines, and Islena/TACA also provides later afternoon and evening service from SAP to LCE. You can also take the Hedman Alas bus or local bus. 

ISLENA AIRLINES (the regional branch of TACA Airlines): Islena airlines offers an alternative route between La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula, with schedule as follows:
• La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula  
Departs daily at  6:00am/9:35am./2:50pm  Arrives 6:35am/10:20am/3:35pm 
San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba
Departs daily at 10:45am/3:50pm/8:45pm  Arrives 11:30am/4:35pm/9:30pm  
Prices for SAP / LCE: One Way $81usd / Round trip $154
Contacts for Islena Airlines:
Use one of our local travel agents or contact direct:
Website for Islena Airlines:
Telephone in Honduras: (504) 552- 99 10 /51/64



Flying Between Utila and Roatan
Note that there are NO commercial airlines from Roatan to Utila, however, private charters are available at afforadable prices through Guanaja Air / Island Air, CM airlines, and pilot Celine.

You can book these through Alice Hill, Worldwide Travel or Frank Morgan, Morgans Travel- contacts on our travel agent page.

Also, Guanaja Air/Island Air now has a scheduled Saturday flight to/from Roatan for Utila for $112 usd one way.  You can book through them direct or with Alice at Worldwide Travel.




Is There Someone Who Can Help Me with My Flights to Utila?
YES! In fact, we really don’t suggest trying to book SOSA or CM direct. By booking locally you’ll get better service, and also have someone on island to assist you if there are any problems (luggage issues, etc.)

See our travel agent page. Both Alice and Frank can book your SOSA ticket, and can help you with the booking of the charter flights from Roatan or La Ceiba through Captain Celine or Captain Angelo with Guanaja Air.  Alice is the direct agent for CM Airlines, with the direct flight noted above.



Click HERE to connect to our link on private charters

Update:  Atlantic Airlines is NO LONGER IN BUSINESS  and hasn’t been for a few years. We aren’t sure why some Utila websites still advertise flights for them.