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Its quite easy to get to Utila from the mainland town of La Ceiba via the Utila Princess Ferry.

Utila Princess Ferry

The Utila Princess is the only larger passenger ferry servicing Utila at this time, the route is Utila to La Ceiba and return. The cost is 519 lempiras, which is about $26 usd each way, and takes about 1 hour to travel the 18 miles by sea.  You need to show your passport when you purchase your ticket.

Daily Schedule for the Utila Princess:

Utila Princess Departs Twice daily from Both La Ceiba and Utila

Depart Utila for La Ceiba:
6:20 am
2:00 pm

Depart La Ceiba for Utila:
9:30 am
4:00 pm

Reservations are not taken or necessary (unless you have a very large group)

UtilaGuide tip: If you tend to get seasick,  consider doing yourself a favor and ask for a seasick tablet when buying your ticket- they are free.  Best to take 45 minutes ahead of time. It will make you sleepy, so you can always try half too!

UtilaGuide tip: (from Gonzo in La Ceiba):  If there is bad weather, call ahead to make sure it’s running. Their number is: 425-3390 and they are bilingual English and Spanish.

Utila Princess Ferry Prices:

Adults : 519 Lempiras (approx $USD 26 one-way)
Children (aged 6 – 12 years) : Travel 1/2 price if accompanied by an adult
Children (under 5 years old) : Travel free if accompanied by an adult.

There is an an additional 20 Lempiras($1 usd) tax for departures from La Ceiba.

Fare includes transportation of 2 pieces of luggage in the hold, and 1 carry-on cabin luggage. Additional luggage may be subject to cargo charges.  Also note that the extra luggage charge is usually 50 lempiras per additional piece of normal size luggage or boxes

UtilaGuide Tip: Don’t plan to put your carry-on down on the floor; it can get wet.  .

Utila Princess Ferry Locations:

In Utila: The ticket and main office is currently located over the bridge on the point, just past the Tropical Sunset Hotel.  

In La Ceiba: The La Ceiba ticket office is based at the “Muelle de Cabotaje”, the main cargo port of La Ceiba.  The Utila Princess waiting area and boat are right next to the larger Roatan Galaxy office/boat.

Utila Princess Contact Information:

Email: ; Lupe Wardlay
Web: (not updated since 2011)
Telephone Utila: (504) 425-3390/ 425-3392
Telephone La Ceiba:  (504) 408-5163/440-7877

Frequently asked Questions

(from the site

Can I purchase my ticket ahead of time?
“Yes, you may purchase your ticket in advance and is good for a year. Sorry, no refunds for any reasons, so plan wisely”.

Under what weather conditions will the ferry not leave the dock?
“When the Port Authority, or the Utila Princess’s Captain deem the weather conditions to be too harsh, the ferry will not leave. By law, the ferry will not shuttle in heavy rains or unsafe seas or in poor mechanical condition. The passengers safety are our number one priority.” UtilaGuide.Com Tip: If you absolutely need to connect with a flight on the mainland, we strongly advise you leaving the afternoon or morning before you may be planning to, just in case there is strong weather and the ferry is unable to travel

The information above was supplied directly from the Utila Princess website at and is current as of Feb 11, 2009. 


Roatan to Utila?

Though you may see references to other services on older websites, there is no longer a Roatan-Utila Route through this ferry or other motorboat ferry.

BUT,  you can get between Roatan and Utila 2  primary ways via boat: 1) there is a catamaran sailboat run by Captain Vern with daily departures back and forth, or 2) youcan take the Utila Princess ferry between La Ceiba and Utila and then the Roatan Galaxy between La Ceiba and Roatan. Check out our page Roatan Ferry  for details and times on both.