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Utila is your destination so book an International Flight into: San Pedro Sula (SAP), La Ceiba (LCE) or Roatan (RTB) To get to Utila, most people fly into Honduras via San Pedro Sula (SAP) or Roatan (RTB) and there are now flights into La Ceiba on the coast across from Utila. It is possible then to take a local flight to Utila or if you have the time you can take the Bus from SAP to La Ceiba and then take the daily ferry to Utila. If you fly into Roatan you can take a boat across –weather depending. PLEASE NOTE: This page is under construction and the links may not be working -it should be up and running soon!
Which Honduran City Should You Fly Into? There are no direct international flights to Utila.  The options are as follows: a) La Ceiba: this a smaller city on the coast of Honduras, and is the point of departure for the Utila Princess Ferry, which leaves daily from La Ceiba at 9:30am and 2pm. If you can’t make it to Utila in one day, we generally suggest staying in La Ceiba over San Pedro Sula, and have suggestions on San Pedro Hotels and La Ceiba Hotels in those pages. b) San Pedro Sula: this is a larger city in Honduras, and from there you can take a flight to Utila on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 2pm and get to Utila on the same day (you will want your international flight to arrive in San Pedro Sula by about 12:30 noon to allow you time for customs, etc.) You can also take a direct bus, Hedman Alas, from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba- its air conditioned, and has reserved seats, Its about 3.5 hours and costs about $15 usd, but unless you leave on the 10am bus, you would have to spend the night in La Ceiba, and then take the ferry to Utila the next morning. You can find more information on the Travel By Land Page 3) Roatan is the next island over from Utila and has an international airport. There used to be a large passenger ferry that ran between the two islands, but not any more. You can get to Utila from Roatan via ferry, charter boat, the regular Saturday afternoon scheduled CM flight or charter plane.
From San Pedro Sula: Book your international flight to land in San Pedro Sula International Airport (SAP) before 1pm to connect with a short local flight to Utila on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat to Utila at 2:30pm with SOSA. There is also a 3pm flight on Saturday with CM Air from SAP to Utila. (If you didn’t read this page first before making your international flight and end up coming to SAP on Tues /Thurs/Sun, then you can also take a bus or a local flight from SAP first to La Ceiba (LCE), spend night in LCE and then take the morning 9:30am Utila Princess Ferry to the island. Also, if you leave the SAP airport by 12:30pm, you can probably still make 4pm ferry as it takes about 3 hours by taxi (3.5-4 hours by bus))
From La Ceiba: Take the short local flight to Utila on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, or a private charter to fit into your schedule or take the Utila Princess Ferry  which leaves La Ceiba for Utila daily at 9:30am and 4pm. Take a taxi from the bus station, or the airport to the Ferry Dock for about 6$ per person.
From Roatan: Take a private charter any day or reserve a seat on the regular Saturday flight. There are also options to Travel by Sea in fair weather with Bushs Bay Island Charters and The Lady Julia private ferry with captain Dillard
From Belize:  Lots of travellers come to the Bay Islands en route to / from Belize.  See our Belize Travel Details for full information